Just Disciples was founded as a vehicle for many different initiatives, all dedicated to showing people the love of God and help them share it in their own ways. From providing weekly services to collaborating with others on not-for-profit projects, there are plenty of opportunities to help people find their own ways to become disciples and make an impact on the world. Founders Sheldon and Sandy Thorpe and Ronnie and Tina Van Dun have made it their mission to bring these opportunities to light.

The Thorpes founded Powered by Love, LLC, through which they own and rent properties to people who need help working their way back up. Sheldon also runs gatherings in the Thorpe home every Sunday, which are open to anyone who wishes to ask questions about their faith, discuss their personal Biblical studies and get involved with new initiatives.

Sheldon and Sandy are also currently seeking more opportunities to collaborate with other ministries and organizations in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.